Online Newspaper

Not since the Chinese’s invention of woodblock printing has there been a greater tool for dissemination information and news than the internet. The internet allows for scaled democratizing of news; expanding coverage from an international level, to the minute-to-minute developments of our personal lives. Online newspapers cover all spectrum of interests, from news and entertainment to niche hobbies and interests. Many of these online newspaper are owned and operated by multi-billion conglomerates while others are independently produced by individuals, without ties to corporate sponsors. The breadth and depth of online newspapers are so wide and deep that it can be daunting to ascertain if the information presented on these websites are objective and factual. While an invaluable tool for disseminating information, online newspapers have also created a culture where being the first to report something, at times, it seems is more important than being factually correct. The rush to break news has resulted in polarizing specialized coverage as well as questionable sourcing of materials. As the pace of news continue to quicken, it will be up to the public to determine what and how information from online newspapers are consumed. The future of online newspapers is uncertain as the public begin to question the utility of quality over quantity but one thing is certain, the challenges that face consumers of online newspapers will continue to grow.